EAA Chapter 966

Michigan City, Indiana

Pilot T.Y.: Zodiac 650B

Pilot T.Y. chose to build an experimental aircraft because of the challenge he saw in the project and the relaxation he figured he would enjoy during the build. He decided to build the Zenith CH 650B from the Zenith aircraft company. He began the project in July 2013 and completed it in 2014. He purchased two engines, one he hopes to use for his next project the Zenith CH 750 Cruiser when he can afford the materials.  For the CH 650, he has the UL 350iS, 130hp engine, which yields a cruise of 135mph.

Pilot T.Y.’s Zodiac CH 650B


T.Y. in Flight
Pilot T.Y. flying his Zenith CH 650 back to KMGC from KVPZ’s pancake breakfast.
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