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Pilot Ron: BD4, Lancair, and Quickie 1

Pilot Ron Bober is a long time experimental aircraft builder. He started with a BD4. He purchased parts for the BD4 project in 1981 and completed the build in 1987. It had a Lycoming fuel injected engine 10360 AIB, 200hp which yielded 150 knots cruise speed.


Ron BD4
Pilot Ron Flying his BD4

Then in 1998 he had the idea to build another experimental aircraft. In January 1999 he bought all the parts he needed to construct his new Lancair Super ES. This time he fitted it with a Continental engine 10550-N with 310hp. He completed the project in 2003.  His Lancair sits four passenger comfortably, and yield a 185 knots of cruise speed.

Ron Lancair 2
Pilot Ron’s Lancair Super ES

The lancair is an extremely sleek and fast experimental aircraft. Ron put a lot of effort to have an extremely attractive airplane. The inside is roomy, comfortable, and relaxing for long cross country flights.

Ron Lancair 3
Pilot Ron’s Lancair with roomy cockpit.  Notice the control yokes to the left and right side.

Pilot Ron also worked with a friend Pilot Jerry to build the Quickie 1 experimental aircraft. This aircraft is very small, and has 40hp Rotax 447 engine.  However, it cruises at 120-130mph. It is a single sit aircraft.  In May of 2016, Pilot Ron retrieved it from his friend and reassembled it.

The Quickie 1 is now certified and has completed a first flight and has commenced flying off the rest of the required 40 hours of phase 1 testing.

Ron and Jerry Quickie 1-3

The Quickie 1 co-built by Pilot Ron and Pilot Jerry Wardell was certified in 2016 and is now flying.


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