EAA Chapter 966

Michigan City, Indiana

Aircraft Building

The Michigan City Philips Airport (KMGC) is home to several experimental Airplanes. Three of the completed and flying airplanes (Ron’s Lancair, Mark’s Challenger, and T.Y.’s CH 650 are complete build projects. The rest, Dale’s Challenger, Ron’s Quickie, and Bob’s RV6A are partial projects acquired and completed.  Each of these airplanes are featured with brief stories and photos of their builders.

Pilot Mark Brenan: Challenger II (Completed and Flying)

Pilot Dale Phillips: Challenger (Completed and Flying)

Pilot Dale Phillips: Bi Plane (Acquired from a wreck, completed, restored, and Flying)

Pilot Ron Bober: BD4 (1987), Lancair Super ES (2003), and Quickie 1

Pilot T.Y. Okosun: CH 650B (Completed and Flying)

Pilot Bob: RV 6A

Pilot Dennis Kane: Piper Cub (Complete Build: In progress, almost there)